Short  |  Fiction

Nasrin and her grandmother, ‘Aba,’ are waiting for the war to end and for her father to return. During this time, amidst terrifying bombings and alongside other girls and women in the shelter, they strive tirelessly to keep the flame of love and peace alive. The ‘thread’ serves as their means to remain resilient in the fire of war

Duration: 15 Minute
Release Date: 2024
Country of Production: Iran
Director: Zahra Torkamanlou
Producer: Zahra Torkamanlou, Hamid Mehrafrooz

ساجده سرائی sajedeh saraei Highlight Screen

Director’s Note

Highlight Screen Zahra Torkamanlou

Zahra Torkamanlou

As a young female film director in Iran, I’ve always had many problems. But I have tried to overcome all these problems and make my own films that originated from my inside feelings and preoccupations. My new short film,  “Sona”, is the result of one of my inner preoccupations.